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Monday, May 31, 2010


Dave Tink. Worked a checkpoint and caught some great pics. Thanks dude! See his pictures here

I put my pictures here, some are rad others are not
(I tried, but shit. I doesn't afraid of brakeless fixed commuting in DC but I does afraid of technology occasionally)

The Course

Start at Freedom Plaza

Checkpoint 1) 7-11 at corner of M and South Cap (in view of Nats Stadium) (It was lucky the rain affected the baseball game otherwise that checkpoint would have been a lot hairier. Game started at 4 and race arrived there about 7)

Checkpoint 2) Middle of H street bridge behind Union Station (I've got some awesome pics from this stop)

Checkpoint 3) Exorcist Steps Part I (We told you the checkpoint was the bottom but it was actually the top. Hopefully no one got too wrecked on that climb)

Checkpoint 4) Three options depending on what card you was randomly pulled (prizes available at each stop)
RED - Saxby's at Vermont and K (Prize: 5 $10 Gift cards awarded by leadandsteel working the stop) - several winners
YELLOW - Rollin Cycles (Prize: Origin8 Stash bars, had to carry a paper towel tube full of trash to earn it) - stompclapsean
BLUE - Palace Five (Prize: Custom P5 Vans Shoes in the winner's size [Volunteer working the checkpoint had to go inside and get the right shoes and deliver them to party] and you had to carry a pair of old kicks of mine in an envelope to earn it) - different sean

Checkpoint 5) Capitol Hemp
First 10 to arrive were given round trip to 1471 Monroe NW. (Prize for first to complete: $200 Gift Certificate to Capitol Hemp) - Congrats stompclapsean again

Checkpoint 6) DURKL Warehouse

Stop by Cyclelife before hitting Exorcist Steps again
- Fizik saddle for first
- Tube and patch kit for second

Checkpoint 7) Exorcist Steps Part II (Repeater!)

Checkpoint 8) SE Corner of Wisconsin and Massachusettes (I unfortunately couldn't be out there get pics but I heard the final descent down Mass was fun)



First Fixed: Spencer T.

First Free: Bruce

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fight Club After Party

After party at Fight Club - 9th & N NW. Flatland skating, tarckstand competition, skid competition.

Checkpoints close 9:30, Party starts at 10:00.

F you Charlie

Street Cred

If anyone doubted the creds we've been touting, here's a few little somethings helping to get our word out!!


Hipster Nascar (!!)

DC Unified Cyclists

More to come... (I hope!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Burro Bag - Custom Winner Bag First Fixed


Available at

Thanks Jack

Duro Tires - Catalogue of Bike Tires and Camo Shirts

Got a whole mess a tires from Duro. Nice.

Check em out at